A 2013 Wish


All I ever want for people is for them to find, feel and experience their kind of happiness.

That may take time, exploration, setbacks and ah-hah! moments.

Enjoy them. Learn by them. Set your happiness clock by them.

As much as I believe in action it means nothing without connection.

Find out why you want it. It will make having it possible.

Explore who & where that can come from.

If you’re going to make a new year’s resolution, be resolute!

Don’t’ mask change with distraction.

Build change step by step.

Invest in the foundations. Get that right for the rest to last.

Exercise. It combines discovering our own levels of achievement, de-stressing and learning how to be flexible to roll with inevitable changes.

Eat well.

Rest well.

Above all, keep a positive heart.

Wishing you a Very Happy 2013!

Michael Laffey Life Coach, Michael Laffey, Life Coach