iTunes App Update for Wheel of Life

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An updated version of Wheel of Life was made available through the iTunes App Store this week.

We’ve added some new functionality:

  • Delete Wheels – because people asked for it and we all know that sometimes we make mistakes
  • Customise area names – because people asked for it and it’s good to name areas in the Wheel that feel wholly relevant and not generic
  • Full compatibility with iPad and iPad mini – the original idea was that the App worked on smartphones and feedback was that people liked to use it on their other devices. So we’ve ensured that the App is compatible across the other apple devices, too

I’ll be posting some tutorials calling out the new features.

For anyone who hasn’t purchased the App yet, click on the Ad above or follow the link


I’m hearing from people who bought the App earlier in the year as they look back over their original Wheels and note their change or progress since January.

For many people this is the time of year where a review of what’s been happening feels right. And that’s the purpose of The Wheel of Life. Take stock. Observe. Set out some new actions. Review regularly. Iterate.

Regular connection with our aims is what allows us insight and fuels our motivation.


Thank you to everyone who has been letting me know how they are getting on! 🙂


Michael Laffey Life Coach, Michael Laffey, Life Coach

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