Are Science and the Mind finally Converging

I’ve been to more talks focused on memory, mind and the brain recently at The Royal Institution.

With increasing focus on mental health people want scientific answers to understanding and dealing with dementia, mid-life crises, anxiety, depression, trauma, how we learn, what happens when we sleep, why do we dream, how does a placebo really work, plus mapping the benefits of meditation. The list goes on.

What I’m rapidly learning is that the field of scientific evidence based approaches to mental health isn’t as evolved as people anticipate.

Research is happening now which means we won’t have the answers with associated images for what we seek for some time yet. Science based methodologies are being applied to behavioural therapies as well as what would be considered traditionally as complementary healthcare.

Each piece of research that emerges feels like an evolving answer to the puzzle.

Comprehensive understanding of triggers to events, levels of body chemicals and physical changes are all going to lead to a greater understanding; which will allow for tailored medical and psychological support. Again we learn that one size does not fit all.

In the same way as the response to obesity is a multi-modal framework of physical, environmental and mental support, such will be mental well-being.

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