Can Brighton Be Any Happier?

Michael Laffey Life Coach, Brighton, Happy, Action for Happiness, Heather Buckley

Thanks to good new social media I noticed yesterday that Action For Happiness was having a meeting in Brighton. It turns out that this city by the sea already has its own Action For Happiness action group! Off I toddle to the Quaker Meeting House on Ship Street. I arrive early and think, ‘well if there’s […]

Celebrating Success with the Exceptionally Ordinary

Michael Laffey Life Coach, Celebrate Success Awards, Princes Trust

I’ve been a mentor at The Trust now for nearly 2 years and I love it. I enjoy the spirit of the people who work there (it’s very much a ‘can-do’ environment) and I equally love the variety of people I meet and the business ideas they bring to The Trust. It’s random. It’s positively charged.  It’s my kinda […]

– ish

Michael Laffey Life Coach, Don't Squish My Ish

We think of -ish as a small thing. I’m hungry-ish I’ll be there about 5-ish I’m OK-ish The -ish part making the other part less of what it is. So it got me thinking… when someone is called self-ish, is it good or bad? It could be perceived that a little ‘me time’ is seen by […]

BBC 3 Minute Fitness – A Review

Michael Laffey Life Coach Health Fitness HIIT

I’m really enjoying the reaction around the 3 Minute Fitness programme on BBC a couple of nights ago. What I particularly enjoyed about the programme, was the programme itself!  I have found myself increasingly irritated by TV journalism over recent years and a lot of subject matters are glossed over, lack substance and somehow sensationalise topics to increase viewing figures. I […]

A Taste of My Own Medicine

Michael Laffey Life Coach, A Taste of My Own Medicine

Here I was in a situation where I knew what to do. I also knew what I wasn’t doing. I had associated for too long with the problem, but I wasn’t improving upon  it. Along came an opportunity to act as coachee for a supervised trainee coach. Here’s what happened… The Coaching Process Session 1 got the […]