Why do some people never get depressed?

Nice article on the BBC today about depression or, rather, coping strategies such as resilience. Very pleased to see a reference to cognitive adaptability which is a subject I also touched on recently in a paper I wrote about coaching the elderly.  So could there be a longtail in this? 🙂

The Pursuit of Freedom

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Pursuit of Happiness, Radion 3, Free Thinking

I’m posting this as it was a pleasant surprise when I put the radio on in the car the other day. Taken from the BBC Radio3 Free Thinking Festival, it’s a good listen (overall) and an interesting reflection on what we call Freedom – personal, cultural & societal. Strangely enough, I found Germaine’s voice rather soothing; possibly […]

What if -v- If only

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, What if, If only

This will be a short sharp post. Nothing more than a personal reflection. I’m not one for too many rules as I find them constraining, but I do have a few guiding principles. One of them is to avoid saying “if only”.  Fate has its place but not when it comes to being the master of one’s own […]

Learning to Bounce

Michael Laffey, Learning to Bounce, Resilience, ABC Model, Perspectives

 “Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also” – Carl Jung Believe it or not, I’m not always Mr Life is Bloomingly Wonderfully Positive. Dreaming the dream, finding the goal and planning the path all have their place. Yes, we have those times. We need them and they inspire us. They are a key part […]

Jung at Heart?

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Jung, BBC, 2011, 50, Anniversary, Death

Nice little article on BBC website today. Marking the death of Jung fifty years ago this year; what progress has been made in mental healthcare and what relevance does Jung have in 2011? Read it here.

Back In The Saddle With A Mirror & Memories

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Back in the Saddle

I will ‘fess up straight away – I’m re-using a previous blog. Although the circumstances may be different this time, the crux of the subject material is similar and I felt it more honest to re-post the original at the tail end of this Blogpost:) The crux is: having dropped off the healthy eating & exercise […]

Analysis Paralysis

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Analysis Paralysis

  Somewhere recently I heard this phrase and immediately jotted it down. It’s nothing new, I know, but I’d forgotten about it and I thought it summed up a common trait when it comes to making moves in certain directions. At decision making times we may feel we need to have thought through every option imaginable, together with every conceivable […]

Flipping Lent

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Lent, Pankcake, Flipping Lent

Today is Pancake Day and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be absolutely gorging on my favourite food late into the evening! And as a result, here we are at the beginning of Lent. That period where people want to give up something for 40 days; subjecting themselves to ongoing battles with the Prince of Darkness and his armoury […]