Understanding Stress and How it Affects your Emotions| Mark Vahrmeyer, Registered Psychotherapist, Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy

I’m delighted that Mark Vahrmeyer has contributed his article, Understanding Stress  and How it Affects your Emotions as we continue the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign “Stress: are we coping? Mark’s article clearly highlights how stress affects us and how we can regulate our response to it. Happy reading! About Mark Mark Vahrmeyer is a UKCP-registered psychotherapist and co-founder of Brighton and […]

Is Stress Merely a Word? | Dean Dickinson, Registered Osteopath & Chartered Physiotherapist

Please welcome Dean Dickinson with his article, Is Stress Merely a Word? for the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign “Stress: Are we coping? I’m delighted that Dean said yes to contributing to this series as I know first-hand the wealth of knowledge and practical mastery he possesses as both an Osteopath and Physiotherapist. Dean has saved me and my back on […]

Mitigating Stress | Sam Pont, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Continuing with the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign “Stress: are we coping? I would like to introduce Sam Pont and his article Mitigating Stress. We frequently read that exercise can help with managing stress. Conversely, stress factors can sap our energy levels, lower our tolerance to life’s challenges and make us less active. I’m delighted that Sam agreed […]

Key Characteristics of Resilience | Laurel Alexander, Wellness Professionals at Work

Continuing on the topic of “Stress: are we coping?”, Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, I’m delighted to introduce Laurel Alexander and to include her article, Key Characteristics of Resilience. Laurel was my coaching tutor back in 2011. As I gradually lifted one foot off London and placed it tentatively onto the south coast, Laurel was kind, welcoming […]

Taking the Lid off of Stress and Mental Health | Carole Spiers, Chair, International Stress Management Association [UK]

Over the coming weeks some marvellous people have kindly offered to contribute their experience and expertise on the topic of “Stress: Are We Coping?”. Stress is the focus of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. My aim in bringing together these kind contributions is to highlight experts from different spheres so that as many readers as possible will […]

Health Aims | 2018

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Show me a new year list and some mention of health can be found near the top. The topic is vast and deeply personal and my aim here is not to focus on one particular aspect. The basics of activity levels and what we eat is often reflective of other dimensions of ourselves. Taking care […]