September – Check In

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  September – the Lighthouse month – what’s it to be? Renewed purpose and energy, home-coming, new shores, fresh starts, vigilance, safety and strength in adversity, being steadfast in our principles or aims. I have two pieces for you in this month’s check-in: Click the image above or go to the link here to review […]

August – Check In

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  Whoosh, August! Time To Check In On Progress This is a picture I took somewhere in the middle of the Irish Sea recently. Travelling between two shores can be highly symbolic, so I thought I’d keep with the Summer Journeys theme from the summer newsletter and extend it in this month’s check-in. If you […]

Tea at Buckingham Palace

2016-05-17 18.57.33

              This week I was lucky enough to attend the Prince’s Trust 40th Anniversary Tea Party at Buckingham Palace. 5000 mentors, mentees and Trust ambassadors enjoying time together, cups of tea, finger sandwiches and some quality bite size cake! Contrary to what we expect of being in a palace, the atmosphere […]