The Full-360 – The Context of Balance & Purpose

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We all seek balance in some form or another. For each person the definition is different; frequently including the fine-tuning of a wide range of personal & professional lifestyle factors. These factors could be: formulating a personal version of work-life balance finding ways to relax personal growth finding purpose making meaningful social interactions finding friends […]

A 2013 Wish

Michael Laffey Life Coach, 2013, Wish

All I ever want for people is for them to find, feel and experience their kind of happiness. That may take time, exploration, setbacks and ah-hah! moments. Enjoy them. Learn by them. Set your happiness clock by them. As much as I believe in action it means nothing without connection. Find out why you want […]

Can Brighton Be Any Happier?

Michael Laffey Life Coach, Brighton, Happy, Action for Happiness, Heather Buckley

Thanks to good new social media I noticed yesterday that Action For Happiness was having a meeting in Brighton. It turns out that this city by the sea already has its own Action For Happiness action group! Off I toddle to the Quaker Meeting House on Ship Street. I arrive early and think, ‘well if there’s […]