Exercise and Happiness

                    Recently, I went to a talk entitled Exercise and Happiness organised by Action for Happiness in Brighton. Exercise is part of Action for Happiness’ 10 Keys for Happier Living and as I’m an advocate of exercise as part of everyone’s Wellbeing I wanted to attend and to hear […]

The Full-360 – The Context of Balance & Purpose

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We all seek balance in some form or another. For each person the definition is different; frequently including the fine-tuning of a wide range of personal & professional lifestyle factors. These factors could be: formulating a personal version of work-life balance finding ways to relax personal growth finding purpose making meaningful social interactions finding friends […]

BBC 3 Minute Fitness – A Review

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I’m really enjoying the reaction around the 3 Minute Fitness programme on BBC a couple of nights ago. What I particularly enjoyed about the programme, was the programme itself!  I have found myself increasingly irritated by TV journalism over recent years and a lot of subject matters are glossed over, lack substance and somehow sensationalise topics to increase viewing figures. I […]