February 2017 | What is February for?

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Newsletter | February 2017

Here we are in February which, I have to confess, is a month I’ve never understood. Most months fall into some sense of season or purpose but February doesn’t fall into either of those for me. It’s neither winter nor spring. Neither light nor dark.

What is February for?

As I was writing this I thought I’d google the meaning for February. Not surprsingly, its source is latin; februum, meaning purification.

I’m now re-modelling February into a safe buffer month. A place where personal and professional reflection converge without the usual expectations of calendar or fiscal deadlines.

Here are some examples of what I’ve been hearing over the last month:

  • Tax return deadlines have just been met. There’s nothing like looking at a stack of bank balances, receipts and spreadsheets to sharpen the senses. That allows for reflection on what has and hasn’t worked financially over a given period
  • Connected with that is work. The work we do is a key component of creating financial stability and growth. What is work providing both financially and developmentally?
  • Dovetailed with that is the personal revival month of January. What has or hasn’t been applied throughout January? What has started and stopped, what has continued, what has improved and, of course, what hasn’t changed?

February could be a good time to look at everything more objectively.

Drilling down a little further

If we want things to improve, or even to remain in a sweet spot, how are we making that happen?

  • Investments in time, money or networks – how are they paying off in the near and the longterm?
  • If we want increases in some areas and decreases in others – what are the scales of those increases and decreases?
  • If we want balance – where is the imbalance?
  • If we want to regain control – where is the control now?

Energy and Focus

Sometimes we can be very focussed. We know what we want, by when and with whom. It revolves around a purpose.

Other times, our energy and focus are drawn upon by others. It’s the root of the word distract; to pull apart or in opposing directions.

In these situations we need to appreciate how long this has been happening and who is benefiting from it. There may be no single draw on our reserves. It may be multiple.

When our attention and energy has been darted out in all directions, how do we ensure we have enough for our own intentions?


As much as we want to help everyone and to do as much as we can for ourselves, the two core things we have to rely on to deliver that are time and capacity.

Both require us to prioritise and to regularly re-assess. As part of our recharge we can continuously review and adjust our capacity for commitment, both to our personal aims and for those around us.

Enjoy your februum!

With my very best wishes.


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