From Pea-Souper to Clear Vista

When I meet people in the early stages of coaching there is a common theme.

In their heads are a set of ideas. Excellent 🙂 Well, yes & no!

Ideas are great if they become something and go somewhere. But what if they just keep getting bigger, murkier and don’t become or go?

I never cease to be amazed how everyone I have met has a pea-souper of an idea. This encapsulates a whole host of things: their current situation, their ideal situation, a smattering of the past, a plethera of thoughts about all three and then the struggle over which options to take.

What is great about allowing people to talk freely about their pea-souper is that they gradually begin to form a clearer view of where they are and where they want to be.

Are they looking to remove themselves from a situation or head towards one? Are people supporting them or holding them back? What’s a dream and what’s a plan? Are there timescales? If so, why, what are they, who or what do they need to help them get there.

Being with someone while they work through these types of situations and questions is, quite literally, transforming. It does not take long before I see a physical change: often they sit straighter, their bodies open up, smiles creep in, word choice and verbal tone are lighter, blocks reduce themselves to hurdles.  They have worked through what is and what is not necessary, what is or is not wanted, what is or is not helping them.

From Pea-Souper to Clear Vista: Landmarks appear. Routes reveal themselves. There’s even a fellow traveller or two out there along the way somewhere.