It’s That Review Time of Year

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Mind The Gap

It’s that time of year to review.

Use the Wheel of Life app to take a look at what’s been working for you this year and what could work better in the year ahead.

The changes we want, both large and the all important small ongoing ones, are about identification and purpose.

Frustrations emerge when the gap between where we are and what we want isn’t identified. It’s felt but it’s not plotted.


When the two points are identified then we have a connection. It’s that connection that allows us focused personal progression.

Regular review and re-connection with what matters is grounding. It’s a key element of finding purpose, value in what we do and taking tangible actions to develop as individuals.

The Wheel of Life App

iTunes app – The Wheel of Life

Please enjoy using the app.

As always, I’m very happy to hear from you about aspects of your coaching we can work together on.

The app is just a small exercise in highlighting changes in the context of our full-360 lifestyle.

Bonne Année!


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