Life is a Wardrobe

Manage Your Life Like Your Wardrobe

We carry all, and I mean ALL, the experiences (good, bad, happy & sad) and beliefs (good, bad, old & new) with us all the time.

Whether it’s a deliberate action or somehow wired into our subconscious, we can easily tap into all of them. Somehow they define us, even if some of those experiences and beliefs make us unhappy about ourselves or our situations.

 So, consider that same approach as if it were a wardrobe.

Every day before leaving the house, would you ensure you took every single item of clothing with you just in case you needed it? Pretty unlikely.

What’s more likely is that you’d look outside or ahead at the weather report, take what you feel you need and is appropriate for the occasion or purpose that day – everything from a casual outfit to a pukkah sharp suit. It would be a rare occasion that merited those flares tucked away at the back.

Our Wardrobe Adapts as We Evolve

Every now and again a wardrobe requires a little re-organisation and a clear out. Buy in new things to suit new occasions, opportunities or requirements. Inevitably, it still holds come classics together with those newer items which we’ve learnt serve us better and flatter our individual shape and life style. We gain this insight through trial, error or feedback from people and situations.

That same approach could be a good model for how we manage ourselves in our lives.

The power of the humble wardrobe!


Food For Thought:

Would you wear today what you wore one, two, five, ten or twenty years ago?

  • What’s a classic and mainstay in your life wardrobe?
  • What’s outdated and could be cleared out or passed on?
  • What needs updating or refreshing?
  • What new approaches are required?

What do you know now about your life “style”?


This article was originally published on 24th January 2011

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