Wheel of Life – iTunes App – Demo

With the Wheel of Life app update now available on the iTunes App Store, I’ve put together a brief demo.

This demo highlights the key features of the app which will help you make best use of it.


  • Creating a new wheel – the keystone to fully appreciating your life in the round
  • Adding notes based on what your wheel tells you – what’s working well, focusing on where change is needed, what scale of change is needed, prioritising what you want
  • Creating tangible actions to make what you want happen
  • Setting reminders – because regularly reviewing our situation and actions maintains progress and motivation
  • Deleting wheels – because sometimes we make mistakes
  • Sharing your wheel – for support with coaches or buddies – email and social media
  • Customising your wheel by renaming areas making it more relevant to your particular situation



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Updated App functionality – added December 2015 – Customisable field/area names, delete wheel functionality, compatability with iPad and iPad mini

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