Life Coaching is a talking therapy focused on moving people forward; setting goals & objectives, creating ownership, focus, understanding and achieving balance by addressing what we want to change and how.

Life Coaching encompasses all aspects of life: career, business, relationships, personal growth, health, as well as where & how we want to live. Sometimes it’s about being targeted about a particular area and other times it is about all of it!

Always working in a manner that is client led, Life Coaching allows people to full understand why change needs to happen as well as how to deal with change happening to them.

The time invested in life coaching sessions allows someone:

  • To speak freely, in confidence, safely and without any hindrance
  • To feel listened to and understood
  • To identify what is working for them and why
  • To identify what is not working for them, what they want to change and why
  • To understand what matters to them and why
  • To create solutions & approaches which they are in complete control of
  • To leave remaining motivated

Please note that Life Coaching is not counselling. Deeprooted issues should always be addressed with an appropriate counsellor.