Wellness Professionals at Work. Showcase for The Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

Wellness Professionals at Work Director, Jo Permaul, was interviewed recently by Jayney Goodard of the Complementary Medical Association. The interview highlights how coaching skills can be integrated into many situations or modalities. This enhances the existing practice & enriches the experience for the client. Enjoy the warmth of this interview (15mins). If you are considering […]

If You Are Interested in Life Coaching either as Therapy or as a Career, Read On!

I came to life coaching because I had been through the process and loved it. If you are interested in coaching either as a talking therapy to help you or someone you love, or as a career, hop over to Wellness Professionals at Work. I’ve written a piece: What is Life Coaching and Why Have […]

Mental Health & Happiness | Prof. Richard Layard | Action for Happiness

Who can’t be a fan of the Action for Happiness movement? Below is a recent talk hosted by Action for Happiness with Prof. Richard Layard.  Professor Layard is an Economist who has spent a lot of time looking at the wider non-fiscal aspects of economics under the banner of Happiness Economics. Happiness Economics looks at […]

Wellness Professionals at Work

I am delighted to announce that I, along with a fabulous cohort of coaches, are Ambassadors for Wellness Professionals at Work. There’s a heartfelt sense of returning home in this news. WP@W is where I gained my credentials under its dedicated founder, Laurel Alexander. I have a lot to thank Laurel for… Thank you, Laurel! […]

Annual Reflection – Going from 2021 into 2022

HELLO, 2022! WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!!! Without further ado, the YE 2021 Annual Reflection has arrived. The links to download it are below. There are now two versions available to use: First, the glossy PDF version which you are welcome to print and scribble all over. An approach, I rather like. Secondly, and for […]

Annual Reflection | The Year That Was 2020

Annual Reflection | The Year That Was 2020 2020, the year of challenges (understatement!) that was met and outshone by a fundamental re-establishment of personal needs and acts of humanity and connectedness.  At times, the world of 2020 felt dystopian, unsettled, yet never clearer. So this really is an opportunity to reflect upon what it has taken […]

Covid-19 | Exercise | How it improves mood and memory and wellbeing

Here is an excellently delivered, enjoyable and informative 12 min TEDTalk . Even during lockdown we are being encouraged to exercise. Why is this talk so good? Because even a renowned neuroscientist only learnt the difference taking exercise makes when she went through the experience herself. Knowing the data was fine. Walking the talk made all […]

Covid-19 | Pocket Lecture | The Medical Shock & the Economic Shock | Prof. Richard Baldwin

Richard Baldwin is Professor of International  Economics at The Graduate Institute, Geneva. In this 10 minute Pocket Lecture he will explain better than anyone the epidemiological curve of coronavirus and why the economic shock will last longer than the pandemic. One of the best illustrations of how economics maps and models human behaviours at both the […]

for uncertain times > |Resilience and Endurance | What Are They?

When I originally wrote “Resilience and Endurance | What are they?” on 2nd March 2020, little did any of us know how quickly the world would change because of Coronavirus.  There is absolutely no doubt that this sudden disruption will have an effect on every aspect of life. The last week has shown shock, disbelief and responses by […]

Oct 2019 – Office for National Statistics (ONS) Report – Personal Well-Being in the UK

This week the Office for National Statistics published the latest data on personal well-being for the UK. The data measures the reported level of well-being at national and local levels. There’s nothing like a little comparison to gauge our own levels, right? The data focuses on several areas: Life Satisfaction – overall Worthwhileness – things […]

“Man Plans, and God Laughs” | Yet plans and journals do matter

“Man plans, and God laughs” Entertaining while echoing that anything can happen despite the most detailed planning. Here’s why I advocate that plans and journals work well alongside action when it comes to professional and personal progress. ***** Google “should I plan?”, or “what’s the best plan for…?” and you will net a sizeable haul of […]

Mid-Year Reflection | 2019

2019 seems to be under-pinned by uncertainty, and with so much going on in the world at the moment, this can play havoc with our internal compass. The summer months often allow an opportunity to reflect. Especially when we go away or take time out from our regular life-style. This year I’ve updated the Annual […]

International Women’s Day 2019

Friday 8th March is International Women’s Day and the theme this year is Balance for Better. We can assume that in today’s world there is equality and balance between genders. Unfortunately, recent spotlights on #metoo and the gender pay gap (just to name two) illustrate that there are still endemic gender, cultural and society biases. I […]

Our Social Media World

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We’re all connected to social media either directly (individual usage) or indirectly (seeing how others use it around us or tag us). Here are three videos which, together, I feel capture some essence of the world of social media and smartphone habits. 1. What If We Lived “Real” Life As We Do Online? 2. How Does Social Media […]

What is Life Coaching?

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I am often asked, ‘What is Life Coaching?’ The Elevator Pitch The nearest analogy I can draw is that it’s a massage for the mind. Why The Massage Analogy? As with physical massage, Life Coaching  addresses the knots and tensions which restrict our ability to function at our best. Sometimes massage is gentle, relaxing, soothing and […]

Interview for Life Coach Hub

Michael Laffey Life Coach Hub Interview

I was asked to do an interview for Life Coach Hub in August 2013. It was around the time of my birthday so I’m always in serious thinking mode about then. I reflect upon my own coaching style as well as how I see the future of coaching progressing. It was a lot of fun being […]