World Happiness Report 2015

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World Happiness Report 2015 Last week saw the annual publication of the World Happiness Report which was first released in 2012. What is the World Happiness Report The report is issued by the United Nations. This year’s report is being used as a platform for member states to adopt Sustainable Development Goals (i.e. goals which create wider […]

Why do some people never get depressed?

Nice article on the BBC today about depression or, rather, coping strategies such as resilience. Very pleased to see a reference to cognitive adaptability which is a subject I also touched on recently in a paper I wrote about coaching the elderly.  So could there be a longtail in this? 🙂

Jung at Heart?

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Nice little article on BBC website today. Marking the death of Jung fifty years ago this year; what progress has been made in mental healthcare and what relevance does Jung have in 2011? Read it here.