Oct 2019 – Office for National Statistics (ONS) Report – Personal Well-Being in the UK


This week the Office for National Statistics published the latest data on personal well-being for the UK. The data measures the reported level of well-being at national and local levels. There’s nothing like a little comparison to gauge our own levels, right? The data focuses on several areas: Life Satisfaction – overall Worthwhileness – things […]

“Man Plans, and God Laughs” | Yet plans and journals do matter

Capture_Man plans

“Man plans, and God laughs” Entertaining while echoing that anything can happen despite the most detailed planning. Here’s why I advocate that plans and journals work well alongside action when it comes to professional and personal progress. ***** Google “should I plan?”, or “what’s the best plan for…?” and you will net a sizeable haul of […]

Mid-Year Reflection | 2019

2019 - Mid-Year Reflection - FB

2019 seems to be under-pinned by uncertainty, and with so much going on in the world at the moment, this can play havoc with our internal compass. The summer months often allow an opportunity to reflect. Especially when we go away or take time out from our regular life-style. This year I’ve updated the Annual […]