Oct 2019 – Office for National Statistics (ONS) Report – Personal Well-Being in the UK


This week the Office for National Statistics published the latest data on personal well-being for the UK. The data measures the reported level of well-being at national and local levels. There’s nothing like a little comparison to gauge our own levels, right? The data focuses on several areas: Life Satisfaction – overall Worthwhileness – things […]

“Man Plans, and God Laughs” | Yet plans and journals do matter

Capture_Man plans

“Man plans, and God laughs” Entertaining while echoing that anything can happen despite the most detailed planning. Here’s why I advocate that plans and journals work well alongside action when it comes to professional and personal progress. ***** Google “should I plan?”, or “what’s the best plan for…?” and you will net a sizeable haul of […]

From Thomas Godber

Name: Thomas Godber Email: tomgodber@gmail.com Message: Hi Michael, Lovely to hear you! Background: Grew up with very new-agey parents; spiritual seeker as a teen. Always wanted to be a novelist; first novel finished, so far rejected by agents, but I’m not sad anymore about that; I may self-publish; I have a creative gene in that […]