Reacquainting Ourselves with our Self-Worth

Mindful – Three Ways to Foster Self Worth

In this month’s Mindful magazine there is a very helpful article about losing sense of purpose and the loss of self worth as a result of that.

Given what’s been going on around us, this is not an unusual thing to hear recently.

What stood out in the article for me was how to create a support network through which we can foster self worth. The earlier part of the article  addresses getting to ourself first – “gnothi seauton”, and all that! This is important as it is the dissonance of how we conceptualise ourselves through others than can lead to an erosion of trusting who we are. So we do need to go through that process.

You can read the full article here.

Key exceprt:

Three Ways to Foster Self-Worth

“… we can take steps to begin building a more stable sense of worth at any point in our lives.

  1. Surround yourself with supportive people. The most important step, says de Botton, is to “seek out the help of a wise and kindly other person.” This could be a close friend, a mentor, or therapist—someone who believes in you, and will provide you with moral support when you begin to doubt yourself.
  2. Tune in to your true emotions. When you’ve spent so long listening to other people, pushing down your own feelings may feel like second nature. By practicing mindfulness, you can begin to recognize how you truly feel about a given situation. In doing so, we can “more often take our own sides and feel increasingly solid inside, trusting ourselves more than the crowd, feeling that we might be able to say no,” de Botton says.
  3. Find what drives you. Once you’ve begun to listen to your emotions, you can start to concentrate on what you’re truly passionate about, regardless of what other people in your life may think. “Having come to know ourselves like this, we will be a little less hungry for praise, a little less worried by opposition – and much more original in our thinking,” de Botton says.”



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