If You Are Interested in Life Coaching either as Therapy or as a Career, Read On!

I came to life coaching because I had been through the process and loved it. If you are interested in coaching either as a talking therapy to help you or someone you love, or as a career, hop over to Wellness Professionals at Work. I’ve written a piece: What is Life Coaching and Why Have […]

Interview for Life Coach Hub

Michael Laffey Life Coach Hub Interview

I was asked to do an interview for Life Coach Hub in August 2013. It was around the time of my birthday so I’m always in serious thinking mode about then. I reflect upon my own coaching style as well as how I see the future of coaching progressing. It was a lot of fun being […]

Summer Newsletter | June 2016

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Michael Laffey Life Coach, Newsletter

              The theme for this Summer Newsletter is Summer and Journeys: What is it about summer that makes things easier? Travel far enough and you find yourself (literal and metaphorical journeys) Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. How music reflects our desire for patterns and pleasure Listening to a nice day Sharing […]