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I was recently asked to contribute to Miles Anthony Smith’s piece on Career Success and Growth.

The three questions put to me and other coaches were:

  1. What is your number #1 tip for being successful in a career today (employee or contract worker)?
  2. What is the number #1 characteristic of an employee/contract worker that hiring managers look for when hiring?
  3. Any other career advice you recommend for finding the right career, goals, growth or changing careers?

My answers were:

  1. Firstly, define success? It will be different for everyone. Success may be more freedom, less stress, more income, professional recognition, etc. Each person will have their own idea of what success is composed of. A successful career will be carved through iterations of experience. Be able to recognise learning curves and achievements and to know when to move on and when to dig in and make the most of an opportunity.
  2. Congruence. Very often people have no idea how their language and body movements make them look incongruent and unauthentic. Everything about you has to be in line with the person you want to be.
  3. Patience. Defer gratification, ask fror help, seek advice. In talking to others you should listen to your own language. Don’t confuse determination with selfishness – one of them is kinder than the other. You have more time to be kind within your evolving network than you image.

Please pop over to the full article and read what lots of career experts have to say. Find yourself some useful nuggets. You’ll also find me at #28.

Miles Anthony Smith | Career Success and Growth

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