Mental Health Awareness Week (UK) 2021 – 10-16 May 2021

Please take a few minutes to watch this Nature and Mental Health video.

UK Mental Health Awareness Week, 10-16 May 2021

We all have mental health and it can be easily forgotten until we feel the adverse effects.

This year, UK Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, is focussing on nature as a way to help support our mental health.

We have learnt a lot from Covid and the multiple lockdowns over the last year… and we all saw that having access to nature was earmarked as essential to people’s wellbeing throughout all of it.

Nature has an amazing ability to calm us, to decompress us, to help us de-stress, to remove us from our worries and to feel more grounded. We breath better and deeper and more rationally.

Whether you can get to the beach or access a garden or a park or a walk in an area of natural beauty, the results are the same. We feel the earth beneath our feet, we feel the soil on our hands, we feel the wind or the rain and we are immersed in an expanse of hills or a blue vista.

Suddenly we are encompassed in a soothing network of something natural that is bigger, better and more supportive than our daily (man made) travails.

The Green Man

This weekend I rediscovered a Green Man plaque that I had boxed away. Now it’s hanging up at the allotment.

I love the imagery of the Green Man. It’s a reminder of changing seasons and rebirth. Spring is always time for sensing this change.

It also reminds me that situations and people can be with us for a season, a reason or a lifetime. This symbolism helps to recognise this phenomenon. Something that is especially meaningful when times are tough. This is when we really appreciate that new and better things can happen… and must.

Do take some time to embrace Nature and Mental Health Awareness Week.


Season, A Reason or a Lifetime

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