Is Stress Merely a Word? | Dean Dickinson, Registered Osteopath & Chartered Physiotherapist

Please welcome Dean Dickinson with his article, Is Stress Merely a Word? for the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign “Stress: Are we coping? I’m delighted that Dean said yes to contributing to this series as I know first-hand the wealth of knowledge and practical mastery he possesses as both an Osteopath and Physiotherapist. Dean has saved me and my back on […]

Health Aims | 2018

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Show me a new year list and some mention of health can be found near the top. The topic is vast and deeply personal and my aim here is not to focus on one particular aspect. The basics of activity levels and what we eat is often reflective of other dimensions of ourselves. Taking care […]

Is Sugar The New Fat?

            Brighton Science Festival | 5th Sept 2017 | Sugar Is The New Fat These are my notes from a talk at the Brighton Science Festival a couple of weeks ago. A healthy diet is part of a healthy lifestyle and contributes significantly to our overall wellbeing. We all know we […]

What is Life Coaching?

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I am often asked, ‘What is Life Coaching?’ The Elevator Pitch The nearest analogy I can draw is that it’s a massage for the mind. Why The Massage Analogy? As with physical massage, Life Coaching  addresses the knots and tensions which restrict our ability to function at our best. Sometimes massage is gentle, relaxing, soothing and […]