Annual Reflection | Going from 2018 into 2019

Annual Reflection | Going from 2018 into 1029


This year’s annual reflection has arrived!

This is something I really enjoy doing; taking a little time out to reflect on the year that has just passed and recollecting what appears to be an ever increasing number of things I’ve forgotten as the year speeds by.

Allowing some time to reflect with some emotional distance from past events and a little festive space is good. We think more objectively about what has happened, our connections, personal lifestyle habits and positive spaces. It helps us to recognise what we’ve gained and what we can build upon for a positive year ahead.

It’s important to re-cap in this way. We can celebrate our personal successes, appreciate our strengths, acknowledge our periods of resilience when things were not easy and define how we function at our best…..fundamentally, what makes us thrive, iteration by iteration, year on year.

Capture_Annual Reflection - 2018 into 2019 - Michael Laffey Life Coach

I hope this ANNUAL REFLECTION adds an insightful dimension to 2018 for you as much as it does for me. The aim is that it helps to pave the way for what you want to have happen in 2019.

It’s intentionally designed to be printed and scribbled on and I even allow you to flick through your phone to find photos and moments which have meaning for you over this last year. Imagine that!

We are each our own hardest critique. I want you to be e proud of what you’ve achieved this year. You’ve done everything you can and usually more than others will have witnessed. Be kind to yourself upon reflection and go into the new year revived, wiser, with good intent and focus.



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With my very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019!


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