Why Autumn is a Personal Time for Reflection & Change


The clocks have no gone back an hour. The days are shorter and nippier. The nights are longer and colder.

If you think we’re heading toward the end of the year, perhaps this may help you to think again.

In the Celtic Calendar this time of year is considered the beginning of the year and night as the beginning of the day.Halloween, All Halllows and Samhain are all rooted in this tradition.

This may be a great way to re-frame where we are at. That we may need to restore and reflect before making change or advancing further.


Autumn = Harvest. Our language is peppered with meaning, signifying how the world keeps turning whether we are aware of it or not. This is a very grounding time of year. The world is “earthy”. Think dense green smells, smoke from fires, warm welcoming light from candles and fireplaces.

We are in the season of light and dark. Bright and cold.

This is when we reap our hard efforts like a crop. Take some time to celebrate, reflect and restore. It’s somewhat appealing that this could be a good time to gather our energy and composure before starting again.

Much love.


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