A Thoroughly Contemporary Lesson in Flow | Nadiya and The Great British Bake Off 2015

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I am one of the millions of people who became emotional over this year’s great British Bake Off!

Not only were this year’s contestants the best to date… they were also the most interesting. When it came to the semi-finalists and the finalists I was rooting for everyone. Each person had character, passion and had baked their hearts out.

I’m a gentle soul. I confess to finding every series stressful and emotional. Yet this series and this particular final had a heightened sense of emotion throughout.

Of all the contestants in the six series to date Nadiya Hussain stands out. She captured our attention and hearts on many levels: busy mum, british-asian, defining culture, creativity and the most spectacular array of facial expressions.

I cried (yes!) as the winner was announced. I cried again as the finalists credited her. I cried as the family embraced her… and then I blubbed as Mary Berry lost it in her final words. Nothing breaks Mary Berry yet Nadiya did.

What I Think Mary Berry Recognised in Nadiya

Mary Berry had seen the journey. She had seen Nadiya blossom as the weeks progressed. Nadiya herself began to appreciate and embrace her skills and the ability to rise to each challenge week on week.

Of course, I cannot speak for Nadiya yet for me this journey that we witnessed so personally and beautifully with Nadiya epitomised FLOW.

FLOW is a state where the combination of skills and a challenging environment create a state of absorption, growth and happiness in an individual.

Go Nadiya. An inspiration!

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