Making the Future More Relevant by the Actions We Take Today

Day one

Making the Future More Relevant by the Actions We Take Today

Our desire for what we want in the future can feel strong yet that future state we desire may seem so far away that we can feel disconnected from it. If we feel disconnected we are more likely to give up or go off track.

This is a reality for many so there is much to be learnt from those who are tenacious in their habits and know how to maintain progress.

As the world embraces the concept of being mindful of our choices and actions, sometimes I think that it may also be helpful to consider the reverse concept: are we being “mindless”? It’s an approach I take to register how much I’m doing on auto-pilot and which habits that supports.

Be Mindful of Your Mindlessness | Is Autopilot Taking You Where You Want to Be?

Operating on autopilot equates to about forty percent of what we do. So it would seem beneficial to ensure that this forty percent contributes towards the results we want rather then divert us from them.

So How Do We Make Our Future More Relevant to Today?

This article looks at the results of people who were asked to perceive their future in a series of days or small steps rather than in years.

The result appears to show that by considering the future we want in days rather than years it appears to be much closer. Equally, a series of smaller steps makes the outcomes more relevant and achievable.

It’s well worth a read and I hope it will provide some motivation as a way to manage procrastination and diversion when they kick in.

Could you use this approach for your goals?

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