Mid-Year Reflection | 2019

2019 - Mid-Year Reflection - FB

2019 seems to be under-pinned by uncertainty, and with so much going on in the world at the moment, this can play havoc with our internal compass.

The summer months often allow an opportunity to reflect. Especially when we go away or take time out from our regular life-style.

This year I’ve updated the Annual Reflection from January with a Mid-Year Reflection. If you did the Annual Reflection, great, as the Mid-Year Reflection will allow you to assess your progress and learning outcomes from the year so far. Every small step or change is to be celebrated as an achievement.

But anytime is a good time to take a review when you feel you are ready for one. So start with this one. You don’t have to have done the reflection at the beginning of the year. You can do it now, or feel free to print it off and take it away with you to scribble over when you’re lounging somewhere nice and relaxed over the summer months.

Enjoy it and please never hesitate to contact me if you want to talk further.

Very best wishes, as always.


Michael Laffey Life Coach, Michael Laffey, Life Coach


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