Annual Reflection | 2019-2020 | A New Year. A New Decade.

Whether you do this regularly, or perhaps this is your first time, this year’s annual reflection has arrived! You can download it from the image link below.

I find it valuable to take a little time and to re-cap in this way. Whether we’ve had a “good year” or a “bad year” an exercise like this can re-connect us with good people and experiences, our defining moments, celebrate our personal successes, appreciate our strengths, acknowledge our periods of resilience when things were not easy and define how we function at our best…..fundamentally, what makes us thrive, iteration by iteration, year on year.

Click on the image to download this year’s Annual Reflection

You can do this exercise as quickly as you like or you can take more time over it. You can re-visit it over time, too.

What matters is that this triggers connections with what you’ve learnt over the last year, provides insights for outcomes you would like for the year (and possibly decade ahead) and find ways of connecting with what motivates you.

With my warmest wishes.

Happy 2020!



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