No Better Change Metaphor Than Autumn Time

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September 2018 | Brighton Marina Harbour Wall Walk

September/October is the time of year I really think coaching comes into its own.

Autumn has arrived and nothing crystalises our tally of personal change and progress to date than when we step outside and witness the changing natural world around us.

When we’re busy and time-poor, it can feel indulgent to step away from “doing” what we regularly do to go outside, observe, reflect, assess and triangulate.

I strongly believe that when life is hectic and we feel time poor, then stepping away is exactly what we need to do. So, please join me on my little ramble.

Intrinsic Benefits of Registering the Seasons 

Every time we go outside we rediscover that it’s calming (stress relieving), informative (insightful) and re-connects (aligns) the disparate parts of who we are and what we’re about.

Nature is a vaste and neutral space ideal for providing distance from our day-to-day commitments. A change of location allows us:

  • a different perspective of our situations,
  • greater freedom of thought and the ability to breathe deeply
  • and, quite literally, the time & space to think in ways that are removed from our usual thought patterns

My Personal Autumn Harvest Questions:

  • What am I proud of achieving this year? This could be barriers you’ve overcome, deadlines you’ve met, qualifications you’ve gained, people you’ve met or re-found, new situations you’ve found yourself in
  • From what I’ve achieved what have I learnt? Think of all the ways you got to where you wanted to be, how you focused and managed that
  • From what I’ve not achieved this year, what have I learnt? Think of  all the things that you feel contributed to something not turning out as you wanted. This isn’t about blame. This is about recognition only
  • What do I want to have happen between now and next Spring? Now… imagine it is already next spring: imagine how you want that to look or feel, what are the actions you would thank yourself for taking now? Can you think of three things you could start to do? Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 are…?
  • What do I know now?

Harness the crisp autumn air, give those questions a go and let me know what you do to recognise your progress and maintain perspective.

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