Covid-19 | The Step Change | Can we really go back to where we were before?

Michael Laffey, Michael Laffey Life Coach, Life Coach

Things didn’t change over a year, month or a week. Despite international news coverage of Covid-19, everything changed in a day.

It’s now week 2 of self-isolation which has evolved into a lockdown (in all but name).  We can only leave our homes for 1 hour of exercise or shopping.

My 1 hour of state sanctioned daily exercise has become a renewed appreciation of why I love where I live. I cycle, shop locally for fresh food and take deep salty breaths. 45.10.5 of each.


Everyone here has been amazing at social distancing and sensible behaviours. There is so much less traffic and the beach is empty.


A part of me never wants this rubber band of social change to go back to its original shape.

We have illustrated what we will do to protect the vulnerable, how we can care and continue to contribute while distanced, highlighted that key skills are lowly paid not properly paid, that most of society has been one crisis away from financial ruin, the true cost of governments supporting their people, the environment is healing itself thanks to us staying at home and, simply, how fundamentally interconnected we all are.

We are in the process of a game changer and I really hope we learn from this.


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