Guide: Working or Studying from Home

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Guide for Studying or Working from Home.

It’s September and it’s that exciting time when we get back into the study-groove or work-groove.

When we travel to a dedicated location for work or study our mindset becomes much more focused on the task at hand.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time working or studying from home it can be difficult to resist the obvious luxuries of not leaving the house. Working and studying from home can blur the boundaries, especially when where our work or study is in a bedroom or spare room, which is a place we also want to use to relax and unwind.

Here is a sheet that I put together to help me focus when I’m working form home.

Its aims are:

  1. to be honest with ourselves about our time (how to dedicate time that works and can be productive)
  2. to help outline honest productive scheduling (short and uninterrupted is better than long and distracted)
  3. to maintain a productive mindset (getting over those mental barriers we all encounter)
  4. to create a dedicated productive space to work in (positive environments with purpose)

Download a PDF to pin up and keep close.

Pin it on a notice board or store it on your PC/phone/tablet.

I hope you find it useful and something you can easily refer to.


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This is a re-post with some updates from 2017.