International Women’s Day 2019


Friday 8th March is International Women’s Day and the theme this year is Balance for Better.

We can assume that in today’s world there is equality and balance between genders. Unfortunately, recent spotlights on #metoo and the gender pay gap (just to name two) illustrate that there are still endemic gender, cultural and society biases.

I see women as no better or worse than men. I see men as no better or worse than women. Show me the depth and quality of the individual.

For me the best person for any role is the right person and that should be supported in thought, word and deed.

Opportunities should be equal. Pay should be equal. Rewards should be equal. Passion, skill and aptitude the only pre-requisites.

Congratulations to all women, who over the years, have taken prejudice on the chin, who have set new standards of what is and what is not socially acceptable , who have set up their own businesses, who have raised families, who juggle work and home commitments through both necessity and desire, who have shattered glass ceilings within traditionally held male environments in politics, trade and finance and who are leading the way in STEM.

We’re at a point where women can be apologetically themselves, self-driven and successful on their terms.

For gender balance to become wholly  embedded we still need to promote women’s achievements across all spheres so that people can witness success as something anyone with ability can attain.

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