Back In The Saddle With A Mirror & Memories

I will ‘fess up straight away – I’m re-using a previous blog. Although the circumstances may be different this time, the crux of the subject material is similar and I felt it more honest to re-post the original at the tail end of this Blogpost:)

The crux is: having dropped off the healthy eating & exercise wagon for about a month while also losing focus on my studies.

Few phrases encapsulate that feeling of getting yourself back on track better than ‘Back In The Saddle’. It acknowledges there has been a fall or setback of some description but you know that you’re back up there, with some degree of trepidation,  happy to take up the reins again.

Although the original blog refers to a back injury, this time around the setback was not physical. This time it was personal following the loss of my fabulous granny who passed away at the remarkable age of 95years & 11months over Easter.


Life throws many setbacks our way. Needless to say some we deal with better than others, some take a natural course of time to better themselves, but regardless of time we know that Life is for living; our time is to be enjoyed and that to continue to grow in various wonderful ways is a key part of being Human. Being Human means being in touch with ourselves, knowing how we function best and doing what we can to make the most of each of our talents & interests. Combine that with what life decides we need to embrace, like it or not, and you have a veritable gymkhana of jumps to clear.

Stop, Reflect

The last 3-4 weeks have been about putting what I do on a regular weekly basis by the wayside.

Setbacks are good reminders of how resilient we can be and how far we have come (emotionally & physically); both of which we most probably haven’t acknowledged or appreciated enough up to this point in time.

On this occasion, a sad loss has been rapidly replaced with very very happy memories. I was privileged to experience a closeness in my family which I think even they were happy to see was there all along despite feeling that many years & distance had eroded it. The rarity of being able to be close to people I may see once a year (if not longer,  and definitely not all in the same place at the same time) was in itself special. How one tiny lady connected a house full of family was quietly heartening;  seeing some of her traits in her own children, sharing stories, re-tracing history and finding strength & comfort in commonality were all succour in the time we were together.

Reflection in times such as this allows us to reconnect with many aspects of who were are on both a collective & personal level. A certain completeness and sense made of the whole.

Stride On

Now it’s about taking up the reins again and moving forward from where I left off. I always feel that re-engaging with life after a period away from your regular pattern requires a certain element of having to take a step back before being able to move on. Not something I enjoy but I now accept it more & more. I think of it as a priming period. Getting everything ready for action again.

From here on it’s about getting back to harnessing good-foundations & building up a healthy exercise & diet regime, as well as continuing with my studies. Having broken the cycle of them has only reminded me how important they are to me.

“Back In The Saddle” sums it all up nicely. It conjurs a sense of height & overview, balance & power while being loyally supported.

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L-R: Daughter Maureen (my mum), Nan, Bridie (Nan’s sister, 90yo this year)