From David Paterson

Name: David Paterson


Message: Hi Michael,

You were recommended to me as someone who may be able to help me.

I’ve recently been made redundant from a 20 yr career in Banking Technology within London and am now feeling a little at a loss as to what the next chapter and career step for me is. Latterly i did not find the role i was doing particularly interesting or rewarding and perhaps became a prisoner of the salary.
In addition, I would be keen to understand what life coaching had to offer me as within the last 18 month a number of life milestones have passed (a tricky divorce, the death of parent and job loss) which have left me feeling as if i don’t know what my motivators and key passions are.
The main goal is to return to work, but with the proviso that this time i’m doing the right job, not just the one that pays the most.

I’m busy both Thursday 5th and the Morning of Friday 6th , but would be happy to arrange a call for any time after 1pm Friday onwards.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.
Kind regards