From Thomas Godber

Name: Thomas Godber


Message: Hi Michael,

Lovely to hear you!

Grew up with very new-agey parents; spiritual seeker as a teen.
Always wanted to be a novelist; first novel finished, so far rejected by agents, but I’m not sad anymore about that; I may self-publish; I have a creative gene in that I love being imaginative at every opportunity; I used to make up lots of songs (Chinese songs too which I sing to pupils who study Chinese with me!); since becoming a father two years ago, I’ve become a lot more realistic about things and feel more of a steady mindset taking hold – I don’t want to get stuck in the slightly kushy job I’ve found myself in, and need to not get addicted to trading.
Crucially, I come from a family of teachers and so love teaching and am interested to explore what bringing both my creative and teaching talents to coaching could look like. I also have an immediate work dilemma with my employer I need to sort out and perhaps be more ‘truthful’ about.

I’d love to take you up on your offer of a free 30-minute Skype session. I don’t know how late too late is for you (let me know and I’ll adjust these!). I could do tonight 8pm, tomorrow evening 4:15/4:30/7:30, Tuesday evening 7:30, Wednesday evening 7:30, Thursday 3pm.

Thanks for reading, Thomas

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