TLC – Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

TLC – The Art of Owning Your Some, Some, Some & Some

tlc-needs-youThis may not be the TLC you’re thinking of!

Replace Tender Loving Care with Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and it would appear that it’s what we do for ourselves that could matter just as much, if not more, than the TLC we may yearn for from others.

The message? Some, Some, Some  & Some

  • Some Activity
  • Some Good Eating
  • Some ‘Helpers’ High’
  • Some Reflection

Needless to say, I like how this looks at lifestyle in the round:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Dietary health
  • Giving back
  • Time to connect with yourself; reflect or meditate, assess or plan

The emotional & physical benefits speak for themselves.

And, perhaps, the boomerang effect from the positive ripple reaching those in our inner & outer circles will result in that old-style TLC we also thrive on.

TLC out could help with TLC back.