World Mental Health Day 2016 | Take 10 Together

Today is World Mental Health Day which is spearheaded by the Take 10 Together campaign.

The video below is a beautiful reminder that we can all do more to listen and allow voice and safe space for people to speak freely about how they feel.

The phrase that keeps coming to mind is: We do not listen to understand. We listen to reply. So, let’s Listen to Understand

Video for Take 10 Together | World Mental Health Day 2016

Health: Inside, Outside, Entire

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Talking Therapy

The scope of mental health is as wide and varied as our physical health. Sometimes we have acute symptoms, sometimes chronic, sometimes emerging awareness, sometimes blocks to progress.

Freedom to share with someone who is trained to listen is important together with support and constructive ways forward. These may all be with the same person or by creating a support network.

There is a broad selection of Talking Therapies and Therapists available; counsellors, psychotherpists and treatment specialisms.

Sometimes a singular approach can help. Other times, it is the combination of therapies and therapists that will enable personalised specific progress. One size may not always fit all. Requirements can change as progress takes place and a regular review of what’s happening and what is needed will be beneficial.

Life Coaching can help when we want to identify issues, gaps, outcomes, strategies, accountability and feedback. Sometimes our struggles require perception shifts, physical actions, and often both, to move on and create more of what we want and minimise what we don’t want.

Life Coaching works well as an integrated approach alongside other modalities or on its own. A life coach should not act as a counsellor or a therapist where they are not qualified and should refer when appropriate. A good coach will be honest about this and will be able to advise where their specialisms can help. An open dialogue from the outset is imperative.

The important place to start is to reach out and talk. No man is an island.

Take 10 Together.



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Triggers and Signs to Mental Ill Health – PDF

10 Keys to Happier Living – PDF

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