The Happiness Formula

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Happines Formula, HSCV

According to Martin Seligman (the leading cheer in Positive Psychology) there is a formula to determine your happiness levels. Following a study by Diener & Seligman which reported that the happiest people are those with a rich & fulfilling social life, Seligman introduced a happiness formula which reads as follows: With a little more detail: […]

Managing New Year’s Resolutions in 2011

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Resolutions, New Year

Resolution Tips I know, you can’t move for reading about New Year’s Resolutions this time of year. Below you will see a few things I’ve picked up. Hopefully, some will work for you. What Is A Resolution? Once you know what it is then you can decide if you’re making one! What it is not is a wish […]