BBC 3 Minute Fitness – A Review

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I’m really enjoying the reaction around the 3 Minute Fitness programme on BBC a couple of nights ago. What I particularly enjoyed about the programme, was the programme itself!  I have found myself increasingly irritated by TV journalism over recent years and a lot of subject matters are glossed over, lack substance and somehow sensationalise topics to increase viewing figures. I […]

A Taste of My Own Medicine

Michael Laffey Life Coach, A Taste of My Own Medicine

Here I was in a situation where I knew what to do. I also knew what I wasn’t doing. I had associated for too long with the problem, but I wasn’t improving upon  it. Along came an opportunity to act as coachee for a supervised trainee coach. Here’s what happened… The Coaching Process Session 1 got the […]

The Pursuit of Freedom

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Pursuit of Happiness, Radion 3, Free Thinking

I’m posting this as it was a pleasant surprise when I put the radio on in the car the other day. Taken from the BBC Radio3 Free Thinking Festival, it’s a good listen (overall) and an interesting reflection on what we call Freedom – personal, cultural & societal. Strangely enough, I found Germaine’s voice rather soothing; possibly […]

Learning to Bounce

Michael Laffey, Learning to Bounce, Resilience, ABC Model, Perspectives

 “Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also” – Carl Jung Believe it or not, I’m not always Mr Life is Bloomingly Wonderfully Positive. Dreaming the dream, finding the goal and planning the path all have their place. Yes, we have those times. We need them and they inspire us. They are a key part […]