Annual Reflection – Going from 2021 into 2022

HELLO, 2022! WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!!! Without further ado, the YE 2021 Annual Reflection has arrived. The links to download it are below. There are now two versions available to use: First, the glossy PDF version which you are welcome to print and scribble all over. An approach, I rather like. Secondly, and for […]

Annual Reflection | The Year That Was 2020

Annual Reflection | The Year That Was 2020 2020, the year of challenges (understatement!) that was met and outshone by a fundamental re-establishment of personal needs and acts of humanity and connectedness.  At times, the world of 2020 felt dystopian, unsettled, yet never clearer. So this really is an opportunity to reflect upon what it has taken […]

Covid-19 | Exercise | How it improves mood and memory and wellbeing

Here is an excellently delivered, enjoyable and informative 12 min TEDTalk . Even during lockdown we are being encouraged to exercise. Why is this talk so good? Because even a renowned neuroscientist only learnt the difference taking exercise makes when she went through the experience herself. Knowing the data was fine. Walking the talk made all […]

Covid-19 | Pocket Lecture | The Medical Shock & the Economic Shock | Prof. Richard Baldwin

Richard Baldwin is Professor of International  Economics at The Graduate Institute, Geneva. In this 10 minute Pocket Lecture he will explain better than anyone the epidemiological curve of coronavirus and why the economic shock will last longer than the pandemic. One of the best illustrations of how economics maps and models human behaviours at both the […]