Analysis Paralysis

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Analysis Paralysis

  Somewhere recently I heard this phrase and immediately jotted it down. It’s nothing new, I know, but I’d forgotten about it and I thought it summed up a common trait when it comes to making moves in certain directions. At decision making times we may feel we need to have thought through every option imaginable, together with every conceivable […]

Flipping Lent

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Lent, Pankcake, Flipping Lent

Today is Pancake Day and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be absolutely gorging on my favourite food late into the evening! And as a result, here we are at the beginning of Lent. That period where people want to give up something for 40 days; subjecting themselves to ongoing battles with the Prince of Darkness and his armoury […]

Momentum Matters!

Michael Laffey Life Coach Momentum Matters

Maintaining momentum is key to getting results. We all need some helpful reminders and tools to break our old habits in order to form new ones. What I’ve done here is to jot down a few ‘basics’ for those times when everything and anything is easier than what you really want for yourself.  Give Yourself 20 Minutes You really […]

Independence Does Not Mean Isolation

Michael Laffey LIfe Coach, Independence, Isolation

Isn’t the concept of Independence a strange thing? I’ve been pondering on it a lot recently. Not about myself at the start, but that did come as a  result. Striving For Independence From an early age we strive to be independent. We want shot of parental control, to earn our own money, buy our own things, make our […]

From Pea-Souper to Clear Vista

MIchael Laffey Life Coach Perspective Clear View Vista

When I meet people in the early stages of coaching there is a common theme. In their heads are a set of ideas. Excellent 🙂 Well, yes & no! Ideas are great if they become something and go somewhere. But what if they just keep getting bigger, murkier and don’t become or go? I never cease to be amazed how everyone […]

Speaking Up for Gym

Michael Laffey Life Coach, Gym, Positivity

Gyms come in for a bit of a bashing. Membership costs can be high, client slope off can be rapid, people can feel intimidated by some of the Bunnies & Marys and people say they are bored on the treadmill. Before someone shouts, ‘Arh but going to the gym doesn’t mean you’re healthier or fitter’, […]

The Happiness Formula

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Happines Formula, HSCV

According to Martin Seligman (the leading cheer in Positive Psychology) there is a formula to determine your happiness levels. Following a study by Diener & Seligman which reported that the happiest people are those with a rich & fulfilling social life, Seligman introduced a happiness formula which reads as follows: With a little more detail: […]

Managing New Year’s Resolutions in 2011

Michael Laffey, Life Coach, Resolutions, New Year

Resolution Tips I know, you can’t move for reading about New Year’s Resolutions this time of year. Below you will see a few things I’ve picked up. Hopefully, some will work for you. What Is A Resolution? Once you know what it is then you can decide if you’re making one! What it is not is a wish […]